Grumpy Old MMA – Ep#3 i’ll #fuckyouup (Front Row MMA)

Sarah December 20, 2012 0

Episode 3 – i’ll #fuckyouup lets our Grumpy Old MMA’ers talk about the use of social media to hype fights, the banter on forums and the appending results. This episode gets a little personal

Episodes released every Wednesday and Friday from now until January 1st 2013:
Ep#1 – 12th Dec (Wed) 8pm
Ep#2 – 15th Dec (Sat) 8pm
Ep#3 – 19h Dec (Wed) 8pm
Ep#4 – 22nd Dec (Sat) 8pm
Ep#5 – 26th Dec (Wed) 8pm
Ep#6 – 29th Dec (Sat) 8pm
Ep#7 – 1st Jan 2012 (Tue) 8pm

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